The project involved taking multiple photographs, research, talking to the local archaeology department and commissioning drone photographs taken by BEDA Design. Watercolour by JC3DVIS of Boudica
Concept sketches used to work out the layout of the postcards showing the Norman and Roman periods in Colchester.
The illustration was built in Lightwave 3D and had a large amount of detail including people, trees and buildings.
Some of the textures used to detail the model made in Lightwave 3D. They were added to the model and helped make the model look more realistic.
The final illustration with textures added which brings the image to life, such as the terrain and building details.
The image was then added to an InDesign document which had the modern day street plan shown in white. Another problem was how to show the modern streets and castle without confusing the overall image. Simple white lines was chosen after many tests.
The second postcard features Colchester in the Norman period and follows the same style as the Roman postcard.
Image showing the final designs for the postcards which are A6 (148mm x 105mm) with a pen to scale.
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